About us

Considering current trends of the development of electric vehicles, fast becoming a priority in availability of charging stations in order to charge electric vehicles batteries. In the near future easy access to charging stations for electric vehicles charging, including partial its charging in the shorter period of time, shall be provided to electric vehicle users.

e-Motion is the first electric vehicle charging station network development company in Latvia that offers to customers to charge the batteries of electric vehicles in the charging stations with public access. At this moment there 5 public electric vehicle charging stations are installed in Riga

Our objective is to develop a charging station infrastructure network in Latvia, providing electric vehicle users easy access to charging stations at convenient places to them – shopping centres, restaurants, fuel stations, office centres and elsewhere.


e-Motion charging stations are out of order!
Due to rebranding and charging station upgrades they're temporary out of order.
"Rīgas Satiksmes" car parks for free
"Rīgas Satiksmes" managed car parks for free starting July 1
EV get-together
A get-together of electric vehicles and electric vehicle marathon